Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG

I have had this car in my garage for about 1 week now, and everytime I look at the paint I am amazed at how deep the red paint looks. The best part is when I pull it out of the garage to go for a drive, because when the sunlight shines on that paint, it is absolutely amazing! No marks to be seen anywhere, just beautiful shine that looks almost wet! I am so fortunate to have had Jimmy Lucci make this car look better than new. Anyone who has an opportunity to have Jimmy detail their automobile and does not, they have denied themselves one of the greatest pleasures of being a car enthusiest that I can think of!


I want to truly thank you guys for the work you did on my 1M. I never imagined a car with 900 miles was already aged this much. The car now looks better then it ever has and could not be happier that I was given the oppurtunity to work with you guys.


To all those interested in having a vehicle correction done, my honest opinion with many years of experience with many shops is to not over look Lucci Elite. I have worked with many so called professional detailers, but let me tell you these guys have truly come up with a technique that works and has been proven through many cars just like mine. More then the amazing work is the fact that these guys are down to earth, and just relaxed to work with. You do not feel like you are dealing with a commercial business, you feel like your hanging out with some buddies working on your car. Great feeling especially when you have your prised car in someones hands. I truly have no qualms of leaving any vehicle I own with these guys. They really have taken care of me in so many ways and do everything with perfection. I really cant say enough about Lucci Elite. Not many instances in which I really feel writing a review is worth it based on the service provided. But you guys it was a no brainer that I needed to share my experience. The car looks truly amazing, and to see a white car reflect like its black is something else. Thank you Lucci Elite again and for that matter SwissVax for their amazing products, I will be seeing you guys in a week or so for some more work.

Bentley Continental GT

Words cannot describe how great of a job Jimmy did on my car. Hard work, dedication, and a strive for perfection are just a few words that come to mind when i think of Lucci Elite Detail. I have never gone through a "paint correction" process before and I had to make sure I went to the best in the business to ensure a job well done. I have dealt with home detailing services before and have had very bad experiences. Needless to say, I was very cautious and made my decision carefully. Jimmy showed up at 10am and left my house around 1am! Although i thought the car looked great already, Jimmy told me that he wanted to come back another day to make sure the car looked perfect. 24 hours later i was left with a car that looked 10x's better than when i picked it up from the dealer. I would like to say thank you again to Lucci elite detail. The BEST auto detailer on the West Coast.

Nissan GT-R

I've tried out some of the SoCal detailers listed in this thread and they do great work. But just like we want to keep Jason a secret to the Ferrari community, Bugatti owners seem to have been keeping Jimmy Lucci of Lucci Elite to themselves. I'd never heard of him before, but I found him on a GT-R forum because I needed paint correction done on my black GT-R that no one else has been able to get 100%. I reviewed examples of his work online and was impressed, but I thought, just because people are handing him million dollar cars doesn't prove to me he can do my car right.


So I booked him to work on my GT-R. He knew the ins and outs of my paint, he even knew on which model years the clear coat was different. He explained to me how difficult my year/color of GT-R was to correct & why the other detailers couldn't get it right because of the soft clearcoat & lack of experience with it. He said he had already done multiple GT-Rs and had it figured out & well, he did. He got my paint to perfection when no one else could. He even applied a titanium ceramic sealant (AQuartz) to help protect further. I will be having him work on my Modena next. His prices are also even a bit lower than I'm used to and he provides a Cadillac CTS-V loaner if you need.

Ferrari 599 GTB & Ferrari F430

Jimmy Lucci hands down.. Just did my biz partners hammered 430 Spider like new now. And my 599 GTB (we went on the Italian Stampeded and got blasted by rocks, bad decal removal and other issues that were in my car when I bought it 800 Miles and it did not shine like new or look like new) I am so so so pleased that I am also sharing on the Lambo forum. Once the LP420 SVM is painted off it will go to Jimmy to remove any flaw, he's that good.

Ferrari 308 GTS

I saw the post on Jimmy Lucci of Lucci Elite Detail on this thread. My paint had several wierd spots that looked like they were embeded deep into my clear coat. I was told by many people I needed a new paint job. So I decided to take my 1979 308 GTS to Jimmy Lucci. I was hoping he could perform a miracle on my black hammered paint job. When I pulled up to the shop, there were two brand new lamborgini's and several other very expensive cars there. So, I put my trust in him. I figured there had to be a reason these other people trusted him with there expensive cars. I came back the next day and he performed a miracle on my cars paint job. This guy does amazing work.

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