About Us

As the owner of Lucci Elite, my goal and commitment is to exceed expectations and deliver 100% paint correction results. Paint correction is defined as the removal of any car wash marks, oxidation, orange peel, heavy, medium, or light scratches, overspray removal, and/or hard water spots. This process requires an extensive level of diligence and skill to understand the synthetic compounds, pads, polishes, equipment and techniques. Before beginning the multi - step process, I envision the end result of exceeding my personal and client expectations. Every paint correction process ends with a Nano/Ceramic Coating or a Swissvax Wax treatment depending on the client's preference.

Lucci Elite Detail, services all of Southern California as a fully insured professional paint correction expert company specializing in exotics and luxury vehicles. Our shop is located in the Costa Mesa area! We also accept shipments from any part of the country.


Lucci Elite Utilizes only the best products for your vehicle. Even when not working on a vehicle we are still working on testing and researching every product I feel suitable for your vehicles. To ensure maximum protection and the overall look of your vehicle!


- Jimmy Lucci

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