Our commitment is to exceed expectations and deliver 100% paint correction results. Paint correction is defined as the removal of any car wash marks, oxidation, orange peel, heavy, medium, or light scratches, overspray removal, and/or hard water spots. This multi-step process requires an extensive level of diligence and sill to understand the synthetic compounds, pads, polishes, equipment and techniques.   Every paint correction process ends with a Nano/Ceramic Coating or a Swissvax Wax treatment depending on the clients preference. Learn more about us »


"He got my paint to perfection when no one else could. His prices are also even a bit lower than I'm used to." - Warren T.

"Went on the Italian Stampeded and got blasted by rocks, bad decal removal and other issues.  I am so pleased with the results!" - Michael S.

"I was told by many people I needed a new paint job. So I decided to take my car to Jimmy Lucci. He performed a miracle on my car's paint job. This guy does amazing work." - Dave W.

How We Create Paint Perfection

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